Large 1 br in Dover, NH

This beautiful one bedroom in the heart of downtown Dover is just blocks away from all the exciting entertainment, restaurants, bars, and children’s activities that Dover has to offer.

With the most amazing views of Dover, this unit is located in a secure building with off-street parking and laundry on premise.

For more information, see the craigslist ad.


Spacious unit in the heart of downtown Dover

This large 1 bedroom apartment with open concept kitchen and living area is located right in the heart of historic downtown Dover, NH.

You will be within easy walking distance from all that Dover has to offer – restaurants, bars, entertainment, shopping, the park, playgrounds, and children’s activities.

For more information, see the craigslist ad

Welcome Liam and Ronnie

Let’s welcome Liam and Ronnie to Unit 2 at 2 Broadway Dover NH. They will be moving in by August 1 or sooner if the renovations are completed. Please take a moment to make them feel welcome and introduce yourselves.

While we are sad to see Art and Melissa go after 6 years in this unit, we wish them the very best as they start a new chapter in their lives down in Florida.

Unit 2 is currently under renovation and we apologize for the noise and mess while we work. The ancient carpeting is being replaced with vinyl wood flooring as we have done in several other units and a fresh coat of paint will spruce it up nicely. The landlord hopes everyone is enjoying the new hallway carpets. The budget has been stretched too far to repave the parking lot this year, but it is on the agenda for next year.


2 Bedroom in Downtown Dover

Enjoy the best views of beautiful Downtown Dover from this luxury 2 bedroom unit.


Unit 2 – This spacious 2nd floor 2br is located in the center of Dover in easy walking distance from all the wonderful stores, restaurants, and bars that Dover has to offer. Save a fortune in gas!

New hardwood flooring just installed!
Freshly Painted throughout!
New oven/range!

– Secure building
– private parking
– on-site laundry
– private dumpster (no city bags!)
– and a great view of downtown Dover.


$1200 – does not include utilities
Gas heat and water is very affordable.

Welcome to Ben, and other news

2 Broadway Apartments in Dover, NH welcomes Ben V. to unit 5.  We are sad to see Ian go and wish him the very best in his new home. Ben will move in on the 1st of May. Please make a point of introducing yourself.

Katie in Unit 7 is moving out. Do you know someone who would like a nice 1 bedroom? A gift card will go to any current tenant who refers a new occupant.

Updates – The hallways have been measured for new carpeting. We expect installation to begin in May.


why-does-it-snowSnow is being predicted for Tuesday, December 29th, 2015.

Yes, I seems strange as we have had record high temps for the past month, but the fuzzy white stuff is on its way again.

Good time for a reminder that all cars should be parked against the J&E Specialty building at the back end of the lot so that we can plow properly. If a vehicle needs to be towed because it is parked incorrectly, that will be on your bill to recover it.

If you want your parking space plowed out, there are 2 good options

  • move your car while we are plowing and we will remove the snow from your spot, if there is room to do that safely with the plow.
  • or, call us for cheap teen labor to shovel around your car. Usually, just $10 cash to clear the snow from your car and shovel around it. $25 for intense snowfall over 4 inches.

Another point to remember – it is the city’s job to plow the sidewalks on Broadway  and Central Ave as these are owned by the city. Neither the landlord nor OAP Services can shovel the sidewalk outside your entrance. As the tenant or business owner, you can shovel outside your entrance, if you want to, but please don’t call us if the city is slow in performing its duties as our liability will not permit us to touch it.


Welcome Julien and Fatma!

If you have not met them yet, take a moment to welcome Julien and Fatma to Unit 6 at 2 Broadway, Dover, NH.

They are a very nice couple who just moved into the Dover area. Please help them feel welcome as they have lots of questions and may need some assistance with discovering all the wonderful services downtown Dover has to offer.

Also, make sure you FOLLOW this blog to receive all the latest updates about the building including snow plowing notices, parking issues, renovations, upgrades, city announcements, and other items that may interest you.

Later this year we have more renovations planned, so you will definitely want to stay informed.

This blog will serve as the official source of information for tenants and we promise only to post when necessary.

Of course, you are always welcome to call me if you have questions.

Happy New Year!

Matt Randall – 603.767.6500