why-does-it-snowSnow is being predicted for Tuesday, December 29th, 2015.

Yes, I seems strange as we have had record high temps for the past month, but the fuzzy white stuff is on its way again.

Good time for a reminder that all cars should be parked against the J&E Specialty building at the back end of the lot so that we can plow properly. If a vehicle needs to be towed because it is parked incorrectly, that will be on your bill to recover it.

If you want your parking space plowed out, there are 2 good options

  • move your car while we are plowing and we will remove the snow from your spot, if there is room to do that safely with the plow.
  • or, call us for cheap teen labor to shovel around your car. Usually, just $10 cash to clear the snow from your car and shovel around it. $25 for intense snowfall over 4 inches.

Another point to remember – it is the city’s job to plow the sidewalks on Broadway  and Central Ave as these are owned by the city. Neither the landlord nor OAP Services can shovel the sidewalk outside your entrance. As the tenant or business owner, you can shovel outside your entrance, if you want to, but please don’t call us if the city is slow in performing its duties as our liability will not permit us to touch it.



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