Welcome Julien and Fatma!

If you have not met them yet, take a moment to welcome Julien and Fatma to Unit 6 at 2 Broadway, Dover, NH.

They are a very nice couple who just moved into the Dover area. Please help them feel welcome as they have lots of questions and may need some assistance with discovering all the wonderful services downtown Dover has to offer.

Also, make sure you FOLLOW this blog to receive all the latest updates about the building including snow plowing notices, parking issues, renovations, upgrades, city announcements, and other items that may interest you.

Later this year we have more renovations planned, so you will definitely want to stay informed.

This blog will serve as the official source of information for tenants and we promise only to post when necessary.

Of course, you are always welcome to call me if you have questions.

Happy New Year!

Matt Randall – 603.767.6500


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