Welcome Liam and Ronnie

Let’s welcome Liam and Ronnie to Unit 2 at 2 Broadway Dover NH. They will be moving in by August 1 or sooner if the renovations are completed. Please take a moment to make them feel welcome and introduce yourselves.

While we are sad to see Art and Melissa go after 6 years in this unit, we wish them the very best as they start a new chapter in their lives down in Florida.

Unit 2 is currently under renovation and we apologize for the noise and mess while we work. The ancient carpeting is being replaced with vinyl wood flooring as we have done in several other units and a fresh coat of paint will spruce it up nicely. The landlord hopes everyone is enjoying the new hallway carpets. The budget has been stretched too far to repave the parking lot this year, but it is on the agenda for next year.



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